is a technology that
is set to revolutionise
guitars, and reset the
industry standard.
It will become as
standard as a volume
knob and pickup - There’ll be no
going without.

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‘It’s louder. Yes its definitely louder. But its louder while being more dynamic. So its like the volume has increased but there’s somehow more … ‘space’ at the top and at the bottom. It’s a little brighter and better string definition. I’m just able to hear each individual string a little more.’

- Peter Li


Makes even a good guitar sound great.

The Phantom Power sonic maximiser breathes life into passive and active pickups.

Made from premium and superior materials, such as aerospace grade tungsten shielding, this device utilises ELF wave technology.

The Phantom Power has triple-shielding and grounding to ensure no radio interference. No ‘digital’ wave forms are used. This is all analogue.

The Phantom Power has been designed and made by guitarists for guitar players that specifically use valve amplification and have a high expectation of tone without loss of character.

Phantom Power from Titanum12 gives pure clarity at clean channels and a fat deep cutting gain on your dirty channels keeping all your favourite characteristics of your pickups but hearing them at their best improving:

  • Harmonic overtones
  • Gain structure
  • Tone character
  • Clarity
  • Length of sustain
  • Controllable harmonic feedback when needed
  • Sensitivity, allowing for resonance of wood

Technical Specification

Up to 10,000 hours playing time on one 9V battery (1.7 years).
10-year Warranty, no expense spared finest of parts are used with aerospace composites to ensure life time reliability

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Dark Green, Green, Green Grey, Grey, Red

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