Don’t take our word for it. here’s what others are saying about phantom power

‘Way rounder, way rounder.’

- Ashly K.

‘Holy scalloping hell. Shhz.. @#$%^. What did you do to it? It’s on steroids. Awesome… That’s got a lot of balls, excuse the French... That sustains for ages’

- Alex Soft

‘It sounds great yea. It’s definitely [got] more beef. There’s no added noise or hiss and this amp is powered up and normally with active pickups you can get more hiss. It sounds fantastic. Yea, very clean. Love it.’

- Charie Sheen

‘Sounds pretty sick. Haha. I like it. It’s a lot crisper. A lot more clarity, which is good. A lot of overdrive… It just cuts through.’

- Susana Till

‘It does sound a lot brighter. A LOT brighter. It’s not muddying together. The notes are nice and choppy when I’m muting them. If all that’s changed is that and the pickups are the same, that’s pretty cool.’

- John do

‘It’s louder. Yes its definitely louder. But its louder while being more dynamic. So its like the volume has increased but there’s somehow more … ‘space’ at the top and at the bottom. It’s a little brighter and better string definition. I’m just able to hear each individual string a little more.’

- Peter Li

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